Envision a redefined workday in an environment that fosters your best self, with inspiration and wellbeing around every corner.

Why UnCommons

A bold
new step.

On the pathway to WELL Certification, we have pledged to the highest standards of air, materials, and comfort.

Work. Life.

To us, sustainability means people, teams, and companies thriving in harmony within their entire surroundings.

and reconnect.

Beyond efficiency, sustainability is also the thoughtful application of physical spaces for connection and restorative energy.


Enjoy healthy curated dining establishments and an artisan food hall, among many other onsite features and comforts.

Total rockstar

With an optimized mind and body, teams and employees have the foundation to create, innovate, step up and level up.

Brain power
happy hour.

UnCommons is not just a building, it’s a way of life. You belong here. Interact, collaborate, and enjoy long after 5 PM.

What’s different here.

Property manager

Key card entry

Office-wide climate control

Few quiet spaces away from cubicles

A place nearby for lunch

On-site fitness center

Art that’s inoffensive

Designed around a parking lot

Working outside on a bench

Conferences in functional meeting rooms

Community manager

App based entry

Personalized climate control

Purposeful rejuvenation spaces

Curated choices for lunch

Instructor-led fitness classes

Art that’s intentional & inspirational

Designed around landscaped pathways

Working outside in an open-air design

Conferences in modular meeting environments