Ideally located between Summerlin and Henderson, UnCommons is a mixed-use development unlike any other. Modern office spaces are interwoven with most-wanted amenities.

Thoughtfully curated food, entertainment and wellness options rub elbows with on-site services that simplify daily life. And woven throughout the grounds a charming trail connects people with all of the above — but most importantly — each other.

Small Map of UnCommons Location in Las Vegas


It doesn’t conjure up the same office versus life separation anymore. Companies who understand this? They’re the ones winning hearts and minds — and talent. With the right space in the right place you’ll be one of them.


Imagine a workplace campus that’s all about you and your team. That’s what we did. And why you’ll discover retail and pop-up shops that reflect wellness trends, edited brands and entertainment options that provide the perfect break.


An apartment here means strolling to all the good stuff, like crave-worthy meals, movies and cultural events. That you’re just around the corner from your office and other like-minded people makes it home-sweeter-home, without ever starting the car.

Uncommons Property Map


40 total acres. That’s equal to roughly 30 football fields of office and mixed-use space. But rather than being big and faceless, your spot here is oh-so-personal, with blue-sky customization and refreshingly plentiful outdoor space. Fifteen acres are currently reserved for urban-residential units, reached via the trail that runs the length of the property.

As for leasing stats, here’s how it breaks down:


sq. ft.

modern office space


sq. ft.

curated retail space


sq. ft.

coworking desk capacity


residential units