It’s time to take the workplace personally.

Consuming HR and C-suite executives alike, workplace strategy reflects today’s intense competition for talent.

We all know that success or failure is reliant on winning the recruiting game, and the workplace now plays a starring role in that match. Not just an additional benefit for consideration, it’s become a crucial piece of enticing and keeping the best people. The reason for this shift was inevitable.

Technology has changed work, and it’s also changed people’s expectations of work. Now, a whopping 71% of new employees would trade traditional benefits for a better place to work.

What does that mean, exactly? A better place to work? It means more than a foosball table or beer on tap — and it’s as easy to understand as looking at your smartphone screen.

Simply put, it’s a better way to experience work. Just as the apps on your phone give you a better, more custom experience, great workplaces do the same.

A top priority for employees is flexibility. So we’re incorporating places to accommodate all different job aspects like intense thinking and team collaboration. And we’re not limiting these to the great indoors. A dose of vitamin D sparks both creativity and productivity.

Think of picnic tables, parks and patios as the new norm, because we’re never going back to cubes.

Another big point is wellness. Today’s workforce has either seen or experienced corporate burnout and they’re not about to repeat that mistake. Staying healthy in mind, body and spirit is a priority for people who value themselves, and they expect their employer to value that commitment as well: Love me, love my mind-clearing yoga class. It’s why we’re selecting onsite fitness and wellness offerings that reflect your workforce. Which comes back to the ‘custom’ aspect of apps, and the need for curated surroundings.

Next? Your people need to eat and interact with their peers while still taking care of all the daily tasks that support a life well-lived. We’ll make it easy for them. More than easy, we’ll make it inspiring and interesting and social. Really, which is more motivating — another turkey sandwich at your desk or Pho with that programmer from the startup next door? As our world has gotten smaller, we’ve all become more sophisticated. And expanding minds need fuel for thought. We’re quenching it.

Last and most importantly, people need to feel connected. To their profession, the place they work and other people.

This isn’t a want, it’s a need. At heart, we’re all ‘neighborhood’ folks who want to be part of a tribe. Understanding this means mutual respect that shines inside your own walls and extends to your surroundings.

All of this adds up to why we’re building UnCommons. Because with the importance of workplace culture at an all-time high, yet 75% of corporate tenants are breaking their leases for lack of services, it’s time to create a place that fits. The giants like Amazon and Google have figured this out on a large scale. And independent freelancers are flocking to co-working spaces like WeWork and Industrious that have the features they want. But companies that don’t fall into either category have learned to put a damper on their expectations, putting their future at risk. Don’t do that.

Be the cultural leader in your field at any size, by joining the work + life community that helps you attract and retain your biggest commodity: the talent that fuels your company. We’re in this with you and your employees, because this is how we want to work, too.

It’s personal.

There’s a place for you here. Let’s talk.