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Manifest House

Manifest House is a virtual wellbeing space that helps women and non-binary people, especially those of color, care for all aspects of themselves unapologetically. It hosts monthly workshops, live-streamed events and offers mental health resources.

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Esoes Cosmetics

Esoes (pronounced S.O.S.) is a company developing a technologically advanced cosmetic product that can be used to test a drink for the most common date rape drugs in less than a minute.

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Brave The Cycle

Brave the Cycle specializes in workshops that help organizations with actionable steps to become more inclusive and cultivate a sense of belonging. Its workshops are designed to cultivate honest conversations that form the basis of meaningful and sustainable EDI visions.

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Project Marilyn

Personal hygiene products are the least donated supplies when the community wants to help. Project Marilyn is a nonprofit organization that assembles period kits and distributes them to other nonprofits to ensure everyone has a healthy and dignified period.

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