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Committed to WELLness.

UnCommons has pledged to be a WELL-certified building project, the first of its kind in Nevada. Far beyond best practices, WELL is the premier standard for buildings, interior spaces and communities that support and advance human health and wellness. This represents a seismic shift in the modern workplace, and a transformative experience for our future tenants and guests.

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In a typical year,
you will take

2,000,000 breaths
in your office.

Make every
breath count.

+ Harvard Business Review

Why rework the workplace?

71% of new employees would trade traditional benefits for a better place to work. It’s the demand that competitive recruiters are meeting.

Technology has allowed a large portion of the workforce to choose remote, and collaboration has suffered for it. A modern workplace supports a culture of employees wanting to be there.

Rethinking the office is about more than adding a beer tap or foosball table. It’s instilling the workplace with a sense of freedom. Some openness and a little vitamin D have a proven ability to grow more big ideas.

The refreshed mind is an engine of productivity. And the team that works out together works better together. Instead of losing valuable time to burnout, make sweat part of the solution.

Co-working startups know it. Tech giants have known for years. Now companies in between get it too. When you consider 75% of corporate tenants are relocating for lack of services, it’s time for an uncommon approach.

Green is Good.

Sustainable buildings have been shown to drive both economic and human outputs. Thoughtful design reduces operating costs and increases human productivity.


Linked to individual temperature control


From improved ventilation


For improved lighting design


With more acces to natural daylight

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