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October 22nd, 2021
By: Amalie Zinsser | community director

The Technology Behind UnCommons

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It may be counterintuitive to think that a space centered on human connection will have a strong focus on technology. At UnCommons, we believe that properly utilizing technology in fact frees up more time, headspace, and energy for those important person-to-person relationships.

Every day it feels like there is new cutting-edge technology that is being introduced to make life easier. But how do you approach an office space with MANY people who have different priorities and ideas on what is convenient? Using technology to simplify being a tenant—be it unobtrusive building security, efficient parking or catching up on community happenings—we are fostering connection between humans.

It can be annoying when you can’t find a fab or hard key to get into a space. I’ve been there before, as I’m sure we all have. At UnCommons, we are utilizing Openpath to solve this reoccurring problem. Utilizing your phone and Bluetooth to access the space will mitigate any hassle associated with traditional key or fab entry. Openpath is an innovative and intelligent access control that automates security infrastructure so you don’t have to dig in your pockets to find a key or hope that a friend with access walks by.

How about the headache of parking?! Well, that is where Flash Parking comes into play. Flash Parking will help the manage parking structures with integrated access control, kiosks, valet, and more, that seamlessly sync to a cloud dashboard for automation and insights. Everything will be operable from your phone to access the garage or an automatic license plate scan for a seamless exit.

This might sound like a lot of tech for one space. The benefit of all these amazing functions are that they will be integrated into our UnCommons app by Host CBRE.

In the app, tenants and guests will see what is happening in their space and outside their four walls. Features we plan to include in the app:
· Community events calendar
· Ability to book meeting space
· UnCommons news
· Capability to place food and beverage orders from UnCommons’ restaurants
· Exclusive links and discount codes for tenants

We are aiming to make the entire experience at UnCommons seamless. The future of that is technology. We can’t avoid it and finding the best ways to integrate it will keep us connected and make our workflow easier.



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