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January 26th, 2022

UnCommons will Reveal First Speakeasy Candle Co., Coming this May to Much-Anticipated Southwest Las Vegas Community

UnCommons, a $400 million, 40-acre mixed-use community by Matter Real Estate Group, will be home to the first Speakeasy Candle Co. The innovative eco-conscious, plant-based luxury candle maker, whose creations are inspired by the aromas of popular craft cocktails, will debut this May at the much-anticipated Southwest Las Vegas development.

Speakeasy Cocktail Co. is a new home fragrance brand inspired by the delectable aromas of popular craft cocktails. Specializing in gourmand fragrant candles, the local candle crafter will occupy a 1,200-square-foot space conveniently located next to UnCommons’ parking garage, serving as an aromatic greeting for visitors.

“We could not be more excited to debut our first Speakeasy location at UnCommons and introduce our craft, eco-luxe candles as part of this vibrant community,” said Speakeasy Candle Co. founder and expert chandler, Alisha Alexander. “What we’re serving up at our speakeasy is neither shaken nor stirred, neither up nor on the rocks, though they are served with a twist.”

Speakeasy’s inaugural spring launch will boast scent profiles of iconic cocktails from the prohibition era and today. The first collection, Happy Hour, includes candles inspired by four popular drinks: Old Fashioned, Gin and Tonic, Hemingway Daiquiri, and Rosé. The second collection of candles, The Craft Cocktail Collection, offers an elevated take on libations you can find in a speakeasy, including Bee’s Knees, Blood Orange Margarita, Vegas Sidecar, and Haute Toddy. Both collections are handmade with natural plant-based waxes, primarily from coconuts, combined with other thoughtfully-selected, highly-refined ingredients.

An eco-conscious brand, Speakeasy intentionally seeks to source supplies and raw materials that are recyclable, sustainable, and reusable. Shoppers are encouraged to participate in the brand’s refill and recycle program, through which they can return their vessels to be refilled into a candle of the same or a completely new scent. After five returned vessels, customers can receive a complimentary candle of their choice. If customers choose to recycle at Speakeasy, they can enjoy additional savings on future purchases.

With the scented candle market expected to grow by 3.4 billion by 2025, Alexander has carved a lane for her small-batch, locally crafted cocktail candles. Speakeasy’s products tout cleaner burns that prevent buildup and soot, plus longer and stronger burns that trigger candle lovers olfactive sensors like never before. In addition to shopping for eco-luxe collections, customers are invited to join weekly candle-making workshops that allow them to handpick their very own high-end fragrance composed by industry-leading perfumers. The candle-making company will also collaborate with local businesses for their team building and gifting needs, event planners for their milestone celebration needs, and custom bulk orders for the needs of fundraising.

“At UnCommons, we’re curating a lineup of experiences and brands that place importance on the same principles that we do, being connected to your community and the environment,” said Matter Real Estate Group Partner Jim Stuart. “We can’t think of a better fit than Speakeasy and Alisha, who embody intention and thoughtfulness when it comes to creating a quality product that makes a meaningful impact on not only the lives of our community members but also the life of our planet.”

Speakeasy will also focus on candle care, offering a specialty kit for their vessels and advising enthusiasts on ensuring their candles burn safely. “Handmaking candles are a combination of so many things I love: creating, experiencing, and impacting,” said Alexander. “But what I also love about Speakeasy is that we truly have something for everybody. If our signature scents are not your thing, we’ve also curated a scent library with a clever mix of fragrance notes that are ozonic, floral, woody, crisp, and fresh. Our in-store experts are fully equipped to guide guests to creating something truly unique and scentsational.”




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